Too Smart To Burn Fat

You know what’s crazy? We live in an era where we can access a limitless supply of free information, on any subject, with the click of a button.

You know what’s even crazier? It’s because of all of this free information that most of us never reach our fat loss goals. Everyone likes to tout the expression, “knowledge is power.”

Unfortunately, they almost always leave out the piece of the puzzle that actually makes knowledge powerful – TAKING ACTION.

Most people are too smart for their own good. They have so many tools and tricks floating around in their head that they never get around to using any of them. And, in 99% of cases – especially when it comes to losing body fat – they don’t need to.

Dumb Down Your Approach. If you’re a competitive bodybuilder – or any other physique related athlete – take this advice lightly. There’s more complexity needed to go from “lean” to “shredded” (with that said, the fundamentals still account for the majority of your results.

For everyone else, make things so simple it scares you. Here’s an example:
• Lift Weights 2-4 days per week
• Prioritise compound, multi-joint lifts: squats, deadlifts, presses, pulls, rows, lunges, carries.
• 50% of the time, lift heavy (3-6 reps). 50% of the time, lift light (6-15 reps).
• Focus on doing a bit more weight, or a few more reps, each session.
• Do something fun at the end of each workout.

Perform cardio 1-3 days per week
• 30-60 minutes.
• Any activity you choose.
• Make sure it’s something you enjoy.

Eat less than you are currently eating.
• Get the majority of your food from nutrient dense, minimally processed sources.
• Eat a protein source with each meal.
• Eat a vegetable source with each meal.
• Keep your liquid intake to water, tea, coffee, or milk.
• Don’t snack & Eat slowly. Switch things up every 1-3 months
• Change exercises, sets, or reps.
• Change the cardio you’re doing.
• Eat a bit less food.

Stick to the plan. 80% of the time it really is that simple.
For most people, the plan above would get them exactly where they want to be, and then some. It doesn’t require an insane amount of complexity to lose body fat. It just requires consistency, effort, and enough strategy to make sure your plan is specific to the goals you want to achieve.

Like Nike always says, “JUST DO IT!”