Despicable Me 3 - MOVIE PREVIEW

AFTER the popularity of the first two films and the Minions stand-alone movie, fans of the Despicable Me franchise are gearing up for the return of their favourite villain and his little yellow servants.

Despicable Me 3 is set to be one of this summer’s biggest blockbusters as Steve Carell returns as Gru to face yet more adventures with his new wife and adopted daughters. 

The third film in the series is released in the US and the UK on June 30 2017. Some countries, including Australia, the Philippines and Singapore will see it two weeks before but fans in France, Germany and Japan will have to wait until July.

Fans are counting down the days

What is Despicable Me 3 about? 

Gru comes face-to-face with his long-lost twin brother Dru, who wants to team up with him for one last heist.

That means going up against Balthazar Bratt, a former child star of the 80s whose music and fashion taste is still stuck in that decade, to steal the diamond that Bratt has stolen.

And of course, none of this would be possible without the help of Lucy and Gru’s faithful Minions.