The Danny Green Fund Update - July 17

The Danny Green Fund have had a busy few months supporting children with disabilities as the result of a brain tumour . The charity has recently started funding hippotherapy for a teenager from Nottingham- Hippotherapy literally means treatment with the horse. This type of therapy positions the children/ teenagers ideally to develop postural control, equilibrium reactions, balance, co-ordination and spatial orientation. There are also psychological, speech, language and cognitive benefits.

Hippotherapy is extremely enjoyable for the young people taking part and is proving to be beneficial for the children that the charity supports improving their strength and co ordination which will aid them to achieve their goal of walking independently once again. We are also delighted that we have also been able to provide a play tower for a lovely 5 year old little boy to help his recovery from PFS. The garden play tower will encourage his gross motor movements and coordination in a fun way, helping him to build his strength and to become more independent.

The little boys phsyiotherapy is going really well and his therapist suggested that he now requires things that will encourage and help him progress. He doesn't like taking part in anything too stressful so it's all being done through play.  It is thanks to all of our supporters that we are able to provide this much needed equipment in addition to providing physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and hippo therapy every week for numerous children from around the UK.

If you would like to get involved with the work of The Danny Green Fund or if you would like to help fund raise to help support these incredibly brave children or other courageous children suffering from disabilities as the result of a brain tumour please contact us on and take a look at our website The Danny Green Fund | PFS Charity for more details regarding the work of the charity.